In the infancy of the general use of the Internet, the dot com era, a term that I heard often was "Ready, Fire, Aim." Maybe not very sound business practice but that was how fast things were moving then; and are moving once again today. Where would a business be today if they did not take advantage of the Internet in some capacity? It would be a distant memory, that's where. In the mid-90s, someone from Microsoft told me that "Microsoft turned on a dime" when they discovered the potential of the Internet.

The transformation that is taking place today is impacting business as it did then but many businesses so far are missing it. The Digital Transformation is here and the businesses that take advantage of it will dominate their industry.

Here is the story of a business that used Office 2003 for 10 years and Lotus Notes for over 15 years and why and how they took advantage of the Digital Transformation.

Henkel discovered that Office 365 enabled them to handle the challenging task of modernizing with ease. With a 99% app compatibility rate on over 1,500 global applications, they found they were able to update much faster than anticipated. Becoming faster and more agile was easy with the e-learnings available to employees and allowed Henkel to focus on strategy rather than implementation. The digital transformation has never been easier thanks to the tools and capabilities provided by Office 365.

As Markus Pertrak said "Make it in a short time-frame, just do it, make it happen." If you would like help making it happen, or discover how Office365 can impact your business, contact us about a Cloud Immersion Experience, 865-693-0900.

Doc Pratt