There is a lot of talk about personal information being on the Dark Web, but what about your company information? We recently ran Dark Web scans for a few businesses and then talked to them about the scan results that showed some of the employee’s username and password were on the scan. That means that information is for sale on the Dark Web to cyber-criminals.

When talking with them, two of the businesses they mentioned a problem they had been having. Emails had been coming to various employees supposedly sent from the Owner/CEO of the businesses requesting that money be sent or wired to various locations. In both situations, the Dark Web scan showed that with both of them, their username and password was for sale and it apparently has already be purchased and being used by a cyber-criminal.

If one of your employees’ information is on this scan results, well that is a great thing to know. They need to be made aware of it and all their passwords need to be changed immediately! If you are not monitoring the Dark Web well, what you don’t know can seriously hurt, cripple or even destroy your business.