Unlike any other competition, NASCAR is a sport where just one second of time can mean the difference between first place and a distant tenth. As such, racing teams like Hendrick Motorsports are always searching for ways to squeeze out another fraction of a second in performance. When NASCAR changed its rules to open up access to different data streams from each car--such as speed, brake level, and throttle position, coupled with GPS location--Hendrick needed a solution for generating actionable insights from this real-time telemetry information, and for sharing this information in real time with various stakeholders. To achieve this high-speed collaboration, Hendrick turned to Microsoft Teams for its efficient communication capabilities accessible in a single, convenient location, and for the solution's enterprise-grade, end-to-end security. Watch the video to see how Hendrick Motorsports is using Microsoft Teams to translate real-time racing telemetry into lightning-fast decisions and faster race car performance.

How can Teams help your business teamwork?

Work together in one place with the tools, files, apps and conversations your team needs.
Access files, conversations and apps in one workspace.
Customize Microsoft Teams for the job at hand.
Work together on Office documents.
Use email when you need it.
Integrate the business apps you already use.

Your business does not need to be the size and caliber of Hendrick Motorsports to gain massive benefit from using Microsoft Teams.

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