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What Every Business Owner Needs to Know to Keep Their Data and the Life of Their Business Secure! 

12 Ways to Protect your business from a Cyber or Ransomware Attack
A Cyber Security Checklist

1 out of 5 small businesses will suffer a breach THIS YEAR! It is the major breaches that hit the news but in fact 81% of all breaches happen to small and medium sized businesses. The good news is that 97% of breaches could have been prevented.  According to CNN there are around 1 million new malware threats released every day. To make matter worse, a data breach exposing client or patient information can quickly escalate into serious reputational damage, fines, civil lawsuits and costly litigation. If you want to have any hope of avoiding a cyber-attack, you MUST read this report and act on the information we’re providing.

In this free report here is some of what we will cover:

  • The importance of training your staff and yourself on what you need to be aware of to always be secure (users are the #1 way threats are released).
  • How and why advanced endpoint security has replaced traditional antivirus programs.
  • Why Backup and Disaster Recovery has replaced traditional backup programs.
  • Why you must keep ALL your computers updated.
  • …and much more on preventing a cyber-attack.

You’ve spent a lifetime working hard to get where you are. You earned every penny you have. Why risk losing it all? Get the facts and be certain your business, your reputation and your data are safe and protected.

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The techs are friendly, easy to talk to, know what they are doing and are quick to respond to and fix problems.

Fountain City Finance is a financial institution that specializes in home mortgages. Technology is very important to our business so we had to do something when saw how much our technology was a piece-meal configuration that was old and slow. Pratt Computing came in, listened to what we wanted, made recommendations in plain English which was easy to understand and then completely upgraded our network. Now our technology helps us provide better service to our customers since it is much faster and everything is very uniform and flows together. Pratt Computing Technologies has also provided exceptional on-going support. The techs are friendly, easy to talk to, know what they are doing and are quick to respond to and fix problems. If we have a problem, we are able to quickly talk to someone and get it resolved. They are a great company and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Daryl DeCosta Vice President
Fountain City Finance

I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received.

Blount Gastroenterology Associates has been extremely pleased with our relationship with Pratt Computing Technologies since 2008.  I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received. With our previous IT support provider we were always dealing with very slow response times, they wouldn’t understand what we were wanting and problems not getting resolved correctly and to our satisfaction. Since Pratt Computing Technologies has been providing our IT support things have been very different.

They are easy to work with, have very fast response times, take time to understand what we want and always finish the work to our satisfaction. They were even able to convert some historical data from an old SCO UNIX machine to our Microsoft Server; which saves us a lot of time when we need to look up some information. They have been great to work with and have definitely helped our practice keep up with the changes in technology.  I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Melinda Smith Office Manager
Blount Gastroenterology Assoc.