I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received.

Blount Gastroenterology Associates has been extremely pleased with our relationship with Pratt Computing Technologies since 2008.  I can’t say enough about the excellent service we have received. With our previous IT support provider we were always dealing with very slow response times, they wouldn’t understand what we were wanting and problems not getting resolved correctly and to our satisfaction. Since Pratt Computing Technologies has been providing our IT support things have been very different.

They are easy to work with, have very fast response times, take time to understand what we want and always finish the work to our satisfaction. They were even able to convert some historical data from an old SCO UNIX machine to our Microsoft Server; which saves us a lot of time when we need to look up some information. They have been great to work with and have definitely helped our practice keep up with the changes in technology.  I look forward to continuing our relationship for years to come.

Melinda Smith Office Manager
Blount Gastroenterology Assoc.

Now our technology helps us provide better service to our customers...

Fountain City Finance is a financial institution that specializes in home mortgages. Technology is very important to our business so we had to do something when saw how much our technology was a piece-meal configuration that was old and slow. Pratt Computing came in, listened to what we wanted, made recommendations in plain English which was easy to understand and then completely upgraded our network. Now our technology helps us provide better service to our customers since it is much faster and everything is very uniform and flows together.

Pratt Computing Technologies has also provided exceptional on-going support. The techs are friendly, easy to talk to, know what they are doing and are quick to respond to and fix problems. If we have a problem we are able to quickly talk to someone and get it resolved. They are a great company and would highly recommend them to anyone.

Daryl DeCosta Vice President
Fountain City Finance

Pratt took the time to learn and understand our business so our technology plan supports our growth

Vascular Diagnostics Center is an independent diagnostic testing facility that provides non-invasive vascular ultrasounds. Technology is very important to both our business and our patient care. We were having continuous issues with viruses, malware and other computer problems that were never getting resolved by our previous tech support provider.

When we switched to Pratt Computing Technologies they quickly resolved the virus and other ongoing problems. Whenever a problem comes up now they are able to address it within a few minutes through their remote access and quickly get it resolved, even if they have to come onsite.

Pratt Computing Technologies took the time to learn and understand our business so our technology plan supports our growth and they are able to work with other vendors to make sure that everything flows together. I highly recommend Pratt Computing Technologies to any business that wants to get more from their technology and their IT support than what they are getting now.

Deanna Lowe Administrator
Vascular Diagnostics Center

Through the products and services they provide, they have kept our infrastructure very stable

McDonald, Levy and Taylor – Attorneys at Law is a busy law firm located in Farragut. We have been very pleased with the technical support services Pratt Computing Technologies has provided our firm since 2001.  Our firm has always used technology to provide our clients better service and results.  As such, we keep abreast of technological changes that we should implement. The staff at Pratt Computing Technologies has consistently proven to be very knowledgeable and responsive.

We have been especially pleased with their ability to help us make the right technology decisions and not implement unnecessary expensive changes.  Through the products and services they provide, they have kept our infrastructure very stable. Pratt Computing recently upgraded our computers and software which included moving our email to Office 365.  This upgrade has enabled our employees to work much more efficiently and faster. We highly recommend Pratt Computing Technologies.

Tech support, managed services, Office365, Backup and Disaster Recovery for Knoxville Attorneys Farrell A. Levy Partner
McDonald, Levy and Taylor

They are the best way to go in our book

We have used Pratt Computing since the early 1980's when our computer took up a whole room in the office. They have been our partner through several different generations of system technologies and operating systems. At one point Doc Pratt designed and wrote a program for us to calculate our inventory using the LIFO method. We still use the concept and data to this day.

I would say --don't think the "other" guy has a better deal. This industry is like the phone business; something always sounds better when it is not.  You get what you pay for and Pratt Computing puts their clients first.  They are the best way to go in our book!

Susan Maples Director of Operations
RBM Company

Knowledgeable, responsive and Prompt…

Senior Citizens Home Assistance Services (SCHAS) benefits in many ways through outsourcing our IT services to Pratt Computing Technologies. The biggest benefit continues to be their availability.

There have been many benefits for SCHAS, but the single biggest would be availability.  Since all Pratt  team members are familiar with SCHAS’ IT needs,  response time to problem resolution is minimal.

Pratt looks at the big picture and takes time to get to know our agency and its needs and limitations. This helps in providing support and strategic technology planning. Pratt Computing is knowledgeable, responsive and prompt and appreciated by all our staff.

Ada Shannon Chief Financial Officer
Senior Citizens Home Assistance Services. Inc.

We always feel like we are their most important customer

We have relied on Pratt Computing Technologies for all of our technical support since early 2014. When I consider all the benefits of working with Pratt Computing, it is hard to determine what the biggest benefit is, however, the connection of our phones and computers between our two locations and maintaining the connection has been extremely beneficial.

Response time was an issue with our previous tech support provider, so we have enjoyed Pratt Computing’s fast response times and the fact that they are willing to have more than one set of eyes on any problem we may have.

Pratt Computing has been very loyal and dedicated to our business. We have been a priority to them and always feel like we are their most important customer.

Christy Robson Office Manager
Ridenour and Ridenour Law Firm

Pratt Computing Technologies Gives Us Peace of Mind

Since they have taken over our IT support and rebuilt our network, it is one less item I must worry about on a daily basis.  One of the one big benefits over other IT support providers is the follow up and keeping my network affordably safe and secure.

I have been very pleased with everything Pratt Computing Technologies has done for GBS Engineering. They respond aggressively, always willing to communicate with me and keeping me informed. Pratt Computing Technologies gives me Peace of Mind!

Mark Bialik Owner
GBS Engineering

Gives us access to a broader level of expertise without the overhead

We’ve outsourced our IT support to Pratt Computing Technologies because we trust them to resolve our problems fast, keep our network running and our data secure. Prior to outsourcing to Pratt Computing we had an in-house IT guy. He only knew what he knew. We were limited in our ability to keep up with the changes in technology.  but having a single person responsible for your network and keep up with changes in technology. keeping up with the changes in technology limits you to that person’s knowledge and availability.

We outsource that function to Pratt, which removes our risk of having one person in charge and gives us access to a broader level of expertise. Keeping our network managed and our data secure is a top priority for us, and we trust Pratt Computing to handle that for us.

Lance Davis Vice President
Bertelkamp Automation

They won't let you down!

We have been very pleased with Pratt Computing Technologies with their prompt and capable response to our needs.   Whether an immediate need or a scheduled service call, Pratt accommodates us and keep things running smoothly.

The biggest thing is DEPENDABILITY!  We run a business, we are not IT experts.  We need to know that we have a dependable partner for the times when IT isn't working hindering our ability to do our regular jobs!  We call Pratt, they understand our issues and respond appropriately.

Choosing an IT partner is scary.  We don't know what we don't know… until it becomes an issue!  Pratt Computing DOES know what to expect and they know how to get your business back in order and functioning… quickly!  Give them a try.  They won't let you down!

Doug Powell President
Powell Fluid Connectors

They help us maintain a solid technology plan while providing day-to-day tech support.

Pratt Computing Technologies has provided technical support service to Kyker Funeral Homes for close to 20 years. We have four facilities that are networked together and sharing information is vital to the operation of our business. Pratt has been our IT staff and designed, implemented and provided on-going support for our systems and network. They keep us informed of what is going on with technology and help us maintain a solid technology plan while providing day-to-day tech support.

If there ever is an issue with our network, servers or other devices, we always receive a timely response It’s a pleasure knowing that just a quick phone call to Pratt Computing resolves any issues quickly. They have been a strategic partner, helping us through the constant changes in technology so we very much appreciate all they have done for Kyker Funeral Homes.

Neil Kyker Kyker Funeral Homes Sweetwater
Kingston and Harriman, Tennessee

The Local In-House Help Desk is Very Responsive...

Knoxville Seed and Greenhouse has used Pratt Computing 11 years for our IT support service. We are very pleased with their quick response to problems and the knowledge that each support person has of our network and systems.

When it comes to hardware upgrades they work within our budget still providing what we need. The in-house help desk is very responsive and quick to respond to IT related problems. They helped us in working with other vendors such as our email, website or software providers.

Our e-mail, which was NOT hosted by Pratt, was hacked and the hacker sent infected emails to our customers. Pratt came in and located the IP address the hacker was using to send the emails and completely resolved the problem!

If anyone is considering looking for IT support for a business network, I highly recommended Pratt Computing Technologies! Their technical knowledge and ability to resolve problems quickly to our satisfaction is excellent.

Rita Washer Office Manager
Knoxville Seed and Greenhouse
Knoxville, Tennessee